1.jpg - 375.29 kB888dragons

Enter the dragon and master the 3 reels of this online slot machine to bring the jackpot home. With only a single payline and high volatility levels, the game will test your patience, but, as the ancient Chinese proverb says: "Good people will wait" or is it Guinness advertising? Either way, swaggering bettors can eventually turn their total bets into 100 times the jackpot, which is worth waiting for.

The free 888 Dragons slot machine looks like a very simple slot machine, and there are no major bonus games or special game features, so it is fair to say that this game is already very basic. That is to say, you don't usually encounter real money online slot machines. The setting of this slot machine has a retro atmosphere and an oriental style.

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1.jpg - 209.92 kBCrazy7

Crazy 7 is probably one of the most simplified extreme examples in video slot games, because players can see it as soon as they start the game on their computer.

Non-specific, colorful and colorful balls float around the bright purple background, showing only the reels and the odds table to break the monotony of the game pattern.

Add a few monitors and a small command bar at the bottom of the game screen, you are one. Crazy 7 has some interesting sound effects to accompany your game, but the overall first impression is very dull and frustrating. Let's take a look at the gameplay and see if we can find more original elements in it.

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1.jpg - 256.51 kBCoin coin coin

Whenever you see those dark gold and red tones fused together on a fishing wheel device with dragons or paper lanterns, you immediately know that the slot machine game at hand is a game that deals with Chinese luck. This is the theme of coins! coin! coin! Slot Machine-A five-axis, three-row roller action machine produced by Playtech's slot machine experts.

On the turntable, you will find a lot of interesting symbols that can keep your company company in the adventure of Eastern Superstition. Considering the number of symbols related to luck, you can't help but ask, is this the reason for China's rise? We leave it to another category of professionals. For slot machine experts, this is a very pleasant slot machine that allows the reels to roll in the name of the gold coins that are so loved by the 1.7 billion people on this planet.

Yes, for some players! coin! coin! The slot is significant because it is nothing more than a PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT slot.

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1.jpg - 246.31 kBCrazy  circus

From roman games that usually involve violence and blood to modern stunts and acrobatics, the circus has been in one form or another for thousands of years. KA Gaming has added his own circus performance to slot machines optimized for online and mobile devices. Now, we can review the Crazy Circus slot machine, which has seals, tigers and cannons on 5 reels and 25 paylines. It also has bonuses, such as free spins with winning multipliers, crazy replacements and an interesting bonus round, and you can win bonuses by popping balloons with darts.

As this review will show, you ca n’t find advanced 3D graphics in the Crazy Circus video slot. In fact, we are a bit disappointed with the simple style. However, if you want bright colors, clear symbols, and immersive gameplay, then scroll, scroll to the game, and see what kind of performance Crazy Circus can bring you.

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1.jpg - 198.97 kBColumbus

If you love history, you will enjoy playing the 5-axis, 9 payline game Columbus Slots made by Novomatic. Based on the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus who discovered the United States and built the old and new worlds, anyone can appreciate this location. The only difference between the original Columbus slot machine and its sequel, the Columbus Deluxe slot machine, is that the original Payline is one less and has different limits.

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1.jpg - 381.64 kBCrazy monkeyII

One might guess that the budget of Mad Monkey is not coveted. The design is on the simple side, with bright colors, simple sketch icons and basic animation. The scroll appears in the background of some kind of jungle. Of course there is grass, Qihua poke out from the side of the screen. Moreover, the monkey appeared under the scroll, grinning, rolled his eyes, and took the banana. It's hardly the most visually appealing scene, but we have seen even worse games come to market. Ultimately, what happens on the scroll is the most important.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find all the commonly used buttons: you can choose to play one, three, five, seven or nine paylines. You can also find the "Bet", "Exit", "Help" and "Start" buttons here. Unfortunately, Crazy Monkey does not include an auto-play function.

In the game, you can bet up to one coin per line. The minimum coin value is 1, and the maximum coin value is 25. Therefore, you bet anywhere between 1 and 225 points on each axis. To increase the bet for each line, just use the "bet" button to adjust the value.

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