Oil company II

"Oil Company II" (a novel video slot machine from Euro Games Technology) can perform many smooth rotations. Bettors can find black gold by rotating 5 reels and arranging symbols on as many as 40 paylines-this means that if every spinning mill can find a suitable winning combination, they will have a lot of luck.

If you do find a hot combination, you will find yourself sitting in a very relaxing 20,000 credit jackpot. Slot machines also provide stacked wilderness, free spins, gambling games and mysterious jackpot side games.

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Queen of rio

Few countries have a more active and dynamic image than Brazil. From beautiful beaches to lush rainforests, delicious food and an amazing tropical climate and friendly people, the largest country in South America seems to have nothing but services for travelers and newcomers.

If you imagine an adventurer and a gambler in your heart, then if you want to fully experience Brazil without leaving home, then EGT ’s Rio Queen Hotel is definitely a must-visit.

In this modern video slot game, players can tackle high-volatility challenges with high-risk, high-stakes and free spin bonus rounds and occasionally piled wilderness; all of these are wrapped in a colorful world, accompanied by samba Music performance and authentic carnival atmosphere. Are you ready for a trip? Read our full review of Rio Queens here to learn more.

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Olympus glory

If you have ever thought about the feeling of standing side by side with the gods of ancient Greece, then now you can thank EGT for a pulsating ancient Greek themed online slot machine game with the theme of "Fighting Ancient Greece". On Mount Olympus, you will meet Zeus, the father of the gods, the goddess of battle Athena, Poseidon, the god of Dionysus and the beautiful goddess Aphrodite – the good news is Can satisfy all of them. There are also plenty of rewards and features to play, including "Wild Zeus", "Free Spin", "Extended Symbol", "Cumulative Bonus" card rewards and "Double Rewards" gambling features.

You can even use your favorite mobile device to visit Mount Olympus, and slot players of all budgets can enjoy various entertainments like gods.

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1.jpg - 316.45 kBRainbow dice

It is undeniable that once this EGT game loads, you will be dazzled. Whether this is a good thing or really depends on what you are looking for among gamblers. Things that are colorful, busy, and related to nature in a certain way, or things that are disconnected and traditional in terms of theme.

Or, you may need something more focused on characters, characters and animals. In the latter two cases, this situation may not be right for you. Rainbow Dice uses a variant of "dice" to add some other names. It is a 5-axis, fixed 30 payline online slot machine. It has many tones and involves nature, flora and fauna. Indeed, it is like walking into the countryside on a beautiful summer day and staying there until sunset. Always very happy.

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Penguin style

Penguin Style's simple gameplay helps you get to the point. There are five reels, and 20 fixed payment lines are drawn on these reels, which cannot be selected. It just means that every bet you make will be automatically distributed to all 20 payment lines. There is only one real choice left: choose the actual bet amount, a total of 20, 40, 100, 200 and 400 coins. You can do this easily using the five shortcuts at the bottom of the game screen.

Remember, by using the optional Gamble function, you can double or even win every time. Correctly guess the color of the hidden card, but remember that a mistake will terminate the game and take away all your new coins! If you want to play the game uninterrupted, click the orange button on the left to activate the auto-play mode and rotate it any number of times in a row.

One of the final game features is a jackpot-style jackpot. You can check its value in the four scroll counters at the top of the screen. After each win, the jackpot card game can be triggered randomly, taking you to a separate screen. Your task is to turn over the required number of face-down cards until you find three identical clothes. Then, the corresponding jackpot will only move right from the highest counter to your own pocket. It's that simple!

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1.jpg - 365.16 kBRainbow queen

If you think that insects have no purpose at all, then the cute little animals in EGT's online slot game "Rainbow Queen" will make you feel different. There is a cute little ladybug, a sleepy beetle, a smoking grasshopper hopper, a cute caterpillar and a glowing firefly, all of which can clarify how you are in the forest you live in Win wealth. They will even show how you will win a series of exciting bonus games and features, including Rainbow Queen Wilds, scattered Rainbow Queens, lucky clover features, jackpots, and Double-Or-Nothing gambling features.

You can even use the latest mobile devices to find all these prizes and bonuses, and mobile slot players of various budgets can afford this road of wealth due to a wide variety of credit betting and credit combinations.

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