Dragon reels

If you like an ancient China-themed slot machine and take a heroic journey at its center, then, in addition to "Dragon Reels", it is also an EGT online slot game provided by EGT's casinos. You will immediately be forced to rescue the beautiful Chinese princess from the evil dragon master, but this is also an exploration, and you will receive a generous reward to find items with various themes, such as fireworks and fireworks. Chinese lanterns. There are also five-digit numbers that can be used to kill "Dragon Master" and rescue "Princess", while "Wildness" and "Scattered Bonus" can also be contested.

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Extra joker

Extra Joker is an exciting slot machine from EGT and part of the famous dice game series by software developers. There are 10 fixed paylines in this slot, as well as two wild symbols and a wild symbol, re-spin function, gambling game, giving you the opportunity to double the winnings, and the lucrative part of each bonus Progressive jackpot EGT dice game.

In this fun slot game, enjoy the excitement of dice dice that has always been popular with EGT.

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Dragon spirit

"Dragon spirit" takes Chinese culture as the theme and background as the background, showing us the lush landscape of the mountains. The air behind the scroll is filled with misty pink and purple mist, and the symbols themselves include Chinese princes and princesses, pandas, dragons, and yin-yang symbols. The other symbols in the game are colored dice with Chinese characters.

There are 10 fixed paylines in this game, you can bet from multiple setting options, ranging from 10 spins per rotation to 100 spins each time, the coin value is always 1.00. 

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Extra stars

If you want to play one of the biggest stars in the online slot machine game market, then it may be time to play EGT's fun online slot machine game "Extra Stars". The protagonist of the game is the "Wild Star", which can be expanded to cover any reels it falls on, and then replace all other symbols to create additional bonus loads. The prize types it can replace are up to 20,000 coins, and there are many other large bonus games and features, including jackpot cards and double money gambling features.

The slot has a variety of credit lines and credit values for you to choose from, and you can become a star of any day, and you can even let it play the protagonist on your favorite mobile device (such as an iPad or tablet).

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Egypt sky

If you like a slot machine with a treasure hunt theme, then you will like EGT's ancient Egyptian themed slot machine "Egypt Sky". You will have the opportunity to absorb many historical figures and landmarks of Egypt during the trip, including the Nile, the sun god radium, Cleopatra, horse drawn chariots, boats and many hieroglyphs – the good news is that you can win prizes to discover all of them . You will also have the opportunity to win many additional bonus games, including Wild Maniac, Scattered Niels, Gambling Features and Jackpot My Rewards.

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Extremely hot

Arrange some extremely hot symbols in this slot machine of Euro Games Technology, you may win a juicy victory worth 100,000 points in the store. The game takes the form of a 5-axis video slot with 5 paylines, but in fact, the rotation action is like a traditional action, with a set of old-fashioned fruit machine icons and some very simple gameplay.

On the downside, there are no free spins, wild wins or special bonus games. However, punters can use doubles or none gambling games and randomly triggered progressive jackpot rounds.

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