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All our readers who have seen the golden age of land casinos know that in 10 such places, 9 or even the most enthusiastic gamblers will line up, just go to the seemingly childish slot machines!

Once you have tried 40 treasures, all of this will become meaningful. Casino technology managed to replicate most of the characteristics that made slot machines so popular in the past in an incredible way. From coincident coins to levers and gears, when you enter this slot, the accumulated atmosphere reminiscent of the actual mechanical slot.

But let us not be addicted to this nostalgia anymore, we want to prove to readers that in this field, this is not all fun and games!

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Navy girl

The video slot game produced by Casino Technology dates back to the 1960s, when it was a US Navy warship in the middle of the ocean. This setting is not very common in slot games, but it is still the premise of "Navy Girl". This alone is enough to increase your curiosity, but there are many other interesting features in this game that deserve more in-depth study.

Since "Navy Girl" took place on the ship, it seems logical that this game took us into the sea. In fact, the ocean is the only thing you see in the background while playing: a lot of water under the blue sky, and only a few layers of floating clouds on the horizon.

If the background is simple and dull, then the concert is more interesting: a good old-fashioned rock music that will not sound in the 1960s. The excellent complement of the game atmosphere makes it stand out in other slot games with similar themes, which is a good thing, because WMS almost has the naval slot machine type of battleships.

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Mighty rex

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed freely on Earth until an asteroid from outer space brought their rule to a tragic end. Prior to this, powerful creatures dominated the ground, sea and air.

The powerful Mighty Rex is related to dinosaurs and their prehistoric times, so be prepared to see many teeth and claws in the game! Although, for different reasons, giant reptiles have fascinated children and scientists for decades, for different reasons, many players will definitely be excited to find a dinosaur-themed slot machine, and be ready to wait for Megasaur and other There is game competition.

So let's embark on a journey through time and space and through the past millions of years to learn more about the secrets of Mighty Rex.

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Purple hot 2

Creativity is one thing and cannot be taken for granted. From Chopin to Wagner, from Woolf to Hemingway, even the best creative talents have struggled with thinking disorders at different times.

In this case, we really do n’t want to fight against Casino Technology, because they launched the classic slot machine and another traditional slot machine that celebrates the land-based slot machine – Purple Hot 2.

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Milady x2

Milady x2 has an unusual name, but by the end of this review, it will make more sense. This game invites you to sit down and listen to the story of the bard and the stories of these brave knights and beautiful princesses. The story of the winning combination of symbols is arranged on a set of rotating reels.

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Shining teasures

Summer is the best season to rest and enjoy delicious fruits. If you want to feel summer all year round, you can play the Shining Treasures casino slot machine game. There are many amazing symbols on this online slot machine with only 5 reels, making your mouth wet.

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