Wild 7

If Lucky 7 is your lucky retro slot machine symbol – then when you play Amatic's online slot machine game "Wild 7", you will become absolutely crazy. Of course, finding fruits such as cherries, oranges, lemons, plums, grapes and melons also has juicy rewards-but this game is all about these 7 awards because 5 of the winners received a maximum payable bonus of 100,000 . The red rogue also doubles as the game's wild symbol. Just to have a good way, there is also a scattered star that can win you big prizes anywhere on the reels.

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Wild respin

Wild Respin slot machine is one of the classic development of Amatic. It has 5 reels with 40 adjustable pay lines. In the slot, it has the advantageous function of re-rotating the reel. Among the icons that appear on the reels, there is a scatter chart and a wild symbol.

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Wild diamond

Welcome to another Amatic free casino slot machine, it will completely subvert your world. Wild Diamonds free slot machines can be played without registration, but they must be passionate and ambitious. This video game belongs to a traditional fruit-themed slot with a 5 x 3 grid. It is very easy to master the rules of this online free game and easily get rich returns.

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Wild shark

If you think you are brave enough to swim in the shark-infested waters to save the jewels in the crown and get a generous reward for it-then it ’s time to show everyone what you did in the fun online slot machine "Wild Shark" Everything comes from Amatic. You can also win prizes for discovering a variety of beautiful marine life (including clownfish, duris, puffer fish, angel fish and big turtles) and play some fun and profitable bonus games, including wild sharks, bonus spins and Extra bonus spins.

You can even use your favorite mobile device to participate in this underwater mission, at the same time you can play up to 50 lines, and there are a large number of different bets for you to bet, this is also a slot machine game, a variety of slot machines to choose from Can play players.

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Wild dragon

In this free 88 Wild Dragon slot game, red is very dynamic and dominates. Since red is a lucky color, playing this online slot machine game does have a very positive atmosphere. The designers and artists of this game have indeed made great efforts to bring a game that will not disappoint to our devices and screens. The amount of detail added to the game's background and symbolic graphic design is indeed impressive.

The background music of this game is very suitable for this game, which impressed us. The gameplay is very interesting. The background music of the East and Asia brings interesting factors out of the game and amplifies them. We are not frustrated by constantly listening to background music in the game. To be honest, we bring more value. If you do n’t want to listen to music, you can choose to mute it at any time.

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Wild stars

If you have always imagined yourself as a wild star in the online slot game world, then it is time to play Amatic's online slot game "Wild Stars" to check your credentials. You will have the opportunity to chase the jackpot of your favorite fruity vintage symbols and receive a large number of instant rewards of up to 250,000 7 coins. There are many stars waiting to go wild to create more prizes, and there is also a unique Respin function to bring you more excitement.

If you are a wild slot machine star and like to play games on the go, then you may also want to use your favorite mobile device to play the game, and the spin bet starts at 1 coin per line, you can tailor the slot machine The game is suitable for all styles of competition.

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