All American

All American

This is a simple but very interesting casino game, your goal is to get the best poker player possible. You start with 5 cards, and once it is dealt to you, you decide which cards to keep and which cards to discard. You can choose to discard all 5 cards as needed, and you can keep any number. If you only hold 2 cards, you will be dealt 3 new cards, and the result of this new player is your last hand of the round. Therefore, you can exchange any number of cards in one round, and the new card issued to you will be your last hand.

How to play

Before starting the game, you must set the number of coins to play and the number of bets per round. After opening the game, you can easily change this setting in the settings. After completing this operation, you only need to click "Transaction", if you want to place the maximum bet, you only need to click "Max Bet".

Then it's time to decide which cards to keep and which ones you don't want to keep. Click the card or click the button under the card you want to keep to keep. The remaining cards will be discarded, new cards will be issued to you, and replace the discarded cards.

If your hand holds a pair of chips or more or higher, you are eligible to win. In this sense, this is similar to a game or a higher game. According to the scoreboard in the game, the better hands you have, the more you will win, where you can accurately see the winner of each hand.