All Ways Win

All Ways Win

Gamblers and slot machine fans always like complex virtual worlds, but sometimes returning to basic knowledge is the only way. Amatic understands this very well and designed All Ways Win for players looking for a new video slot game with a classic arcade feel and some surprises.

In All Ways Win, players face huge challenges. There are 243 ways to win each round, and the low variance makes each spin full of energy and unpredictable. What developers save on overall graphics quality is made up of extra features and dynamic surprises.

Most retro slot games use a similar style, with basic graphics and bright colors. All Ways Win is no exception. The overall blue background is covered with geometric shapes. Apart from the reels and command buttons at the bottom, All Ways Win lacks any eye-catching visual features.

How to play

All Ways Win uses a classic 5x3 layout, which provides players with 243 ways to win. You can easily select a bet from 1 to 500 chips using the betting menu on the side of the screen, which provides you with an excellent betting range from the beginning. All Ways Win also includes an automatic game play mode. If you want to double the cash rewards, you can play gambling challenges after each win.

As mentioned earlier, All Ways Win is a low-volatility slot game. It may be difficult to fight for the maximum expenditure, but every time you spin, the reel has a good chance to generate a small amount of return. The basic odds table is made up of colored card icons, bells, dollar signs and 7s, and you can get up to x500 bonus during the game.

Three or more bonus symbols scattered on the screen can award up to 15 bonus spins, during which all symbols can be paid at any location. From now on, there is no need to focus on alignment anymore. Obviously, this is the most interesting feature of "All Ways to Win". Unfortunately, it may require a little bit of unlocking.